$1,495.00 USD

Process! Master The Tools To Train Your Leaders And Drive Accountability

Monday, May 15, 2023
9:00 am to 2:00 pm MDT

Join our LIVE online training and learn how to lead a Process! Workshop for your team. 

This training will be facilitated by Process! Co-author, Speaker and EOS Implementer, Lisa Gonzalez.

You will learn the simple, proven and practical tools to:

  • Facilitate Leadership Team Process! Sessions for Your Company

  • Drive Accountability for Process

  • Create a One-Year Roadmap for Process Completion

  • Connect with Fellow Operators, Integrators, and Process Champions

  • and more!

GUARANTEE: By the way, if you don't receive value, your payment will be refunded.

What Leaders Are Saying:

I’m known world-wide in the business community for the following statement: ‘Sports teams are run better than most businesses.’ Why? Because they follow a Playbook (process) and they train/practice. Process! not only makes the case like a highly-skilled lawyer to a jury, but then goes on to provide the business owners with the roadmap to follow for success in their business. Practical, powerful and applicable for every business, simply stated, FOLLOW THE PROCESS!

JACK DALY, CEO/Coach, Serial Entrepreneur and Amazon Best-Selling Author

A great process produces great results! As a leader you learn, grow, and create results. PROCESS! is an investment in yourself as a leader and I highly recommend it to any executive or entrepreneur who wants to scale their business.

JAIME ZAWMON, President, Titan CEO

Process! captures the value of adopting the right mindset to SET YOURSELF AND YOUR BUSINESS FREE. Once leaders realize that process creates freedom, they won't look back.


As an entrepreneur, for years I RESISTED the thought of capturing our processes. I didn't like being told what to do and assumed others felt the same. As we grew to multiple markets, however, the financial pain of not having our processes hit home. Once we used this approach, we were able to scale consistently and GROW our business and our team.

PATRICK CONDON, Founder, Finished Basement Company and FBC Remodel