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Updated: Sep 30, 2022

Frequently, EOS self-implementers ask “How do I migrate Level 10 meetings throughout the rest of my organization?” Well, before I realized there were Professional EOS Implementers, our YPO company had self-implemented EOS. As you know, it’s a tough process as countless nuances are involved in implementing EOS efficiently. Now that I am a Professional EOS Implementer, I’d love to share a few nuggets that I wish I had known long ago:

  1. Respect the Level 10 Agenda. As entrepreneurs, we are always trying to create and improve existing processes. EOS is a proven process. The Level 10 Agenda works, regardless of the department or industry. Stay true to it. Start on time. End on time. Have the meetings on the same day of the week. These concepts are central to becoming a successful EOS company!

  2. Achieve Mastery. Professional EOS Implementers know that it is vital that the leadership team first achieve mastery of the Level 10 before migrating it to the rest of the organization. Mastery means that the meetings are running well at the leadership level. Mastery is reflected in the leadership team properly teaching the Level 10 meetings to the balance of the organization. Mastery ensures that your team will realize you are committed to implementing EOS throughout the organization — and that this is not yet another temporary idea.

  3. One Hour is Sufficient. When implementing weekly Level 10 meetings for mid-managers and beyond, the meetings can last one hour (as opposed to 90 minutes). Just be sure to allow 30-45 minutes for the Issues portion of the L10. Then, reallocate the rest of the agenda time accordingly.

  4. Everyone. During the mid-manager Level 10 meetings, employees at all levels of the organization should have a Scorecard, Rocks, and Issues to resolve. The goal at the end of the day is to instill discipline and accountability at all levels of the organization. Scorecards, Rocks, Issues, and the Level 10 Meeting Agenda are the most effective tools to achieve this goal.

  5. Before or After. Our organization held the mid-manager Level 10 meetings before the Level 10 leadership meetings. We found that holding mid-manager Level 10 meetings beforehand gave us the context to assist the balance of the team with their priorities, as well. Overall, the timing depends on your organization.

For EOS Companies: Congratulations on your commitment to EOS. I’d love to hear your thoughts, concerns, and victories in migrating Level 10 meetings to the rest of the organization.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts in this arena!

Stay focused,


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