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Welcome to Processable! This blog is about all things process and it’s written for entrepreneurial visionaries and operational leaders, alike.

If you are a visionary leader reading this, thanks for joining in this conversation about the benefits of documented processes in your business! And, of course, welcome! I am a huge fan of visionary business leaders. I grew up in a family of visionaries, worked for founders, married a creative entrepreneur, and now am fortunate to coach the leadership teams of growth-minded leaders.

Why do I love visionaries? Because even though you sometimes overwhelm me with all of your ideas (!) you are the creative thinkers, problem solvers, and culture drivers of your organization. In fact, you are usually the generators of the best creations in this world!

And, typically, you’re not a fan of process.

As an EOS® Implementer, I coach entrepreneurs and their leadership teams to get what they want from their businesses. Before that I spent over a decade as the operational leader in a start-up residential design/build firm that grew to over $20M in revenue with offices located throughout the U.S.

[What Is EOS®?]

In our company’s early years, its founder resisted the concept of documented processes and couldn’t envision the benefits that documented processes could bring to his business or life. In fact, most entrepreneurial leaders that I meet with resist process because they have adopted a mistaken mindset along the lines of…

I’m not process oriented.

Process takes too much time.

Process destroys freedom.

So, if you’re not a fan of process, I get it.

Initially, at the mere mention of documenting and simplifying processes, many of my clients would urgently

  • Check their phone or watch

  • Need to refill their coffee

  • Suggest we address the topic at a later date, or

  • In one instance, pretend to cry (maybe he wasn’t pretending…)

If you resonate with any of these visceral reactions, you’re not alone. My goal is to ignite your entrepreneurial passion for documented processes. Once I shared the impactful approach, tools, and action plan outlined in Process! these leaders changed their mindset. And, hopefully you will too.

Operational Leaders, You Are No Longer Alone

If you are an operational leader, welcome home! Thank you for taking those great visionary ideas and making them become reality. This Processable community will give you the support and tools to overcome the challenges that you may have encountered around process.

Like you, historically, I tried to single-handedly suggest (read: force) that others embrace the value of documented processes. But I went about it all wrong. Often, I didn’t enroll others, created over-detailed manuals, or lost the audience before I had time to mention the many benefits that documented processes delivered. And needless to say, I didn’t even broach the fact that once these processes are documented, we also need to get them followed by everyone in the organization. Process! and this Processable blog turns that approach on its head.

The Endless Benefits of Documented Processes

In writing our EOS® Traction library book, Process!, my co-author (and former Visionary of EOS® Worldwide), Mike Paton and I were fortunate to connect with hundreds of founders and operational leaders of thriving entrepreneurial companies.

These leaders generously shared how consistency and discipline in documenting their business processes set them and their business free. Time and time again, when they dropped their resistance to process, their business began to experience endless benefits such as:

  • More consistent profits

  • Higher business valuation

  • Efficiency in operations

  • Greater employee retention

  • Effective managers

  • Happier customers, and on and on.

Equally significant is that their personal lives benefited too:

  • Less “firefighting” on weekends

  • More time to enjoy personal hobbies

  • Creative space to innovate further

Giving business leaders from all industries access to the tools that will give them personal freedom is my passion. It’s accessible for every business leader, including you!

I look forward to sharing business tips and stories and answering your questions around

  • Documenting your business processes

  • Training others to follow the processes

  • Keeping processes alive

  • Holding others accountable

  • Generating passion around your team

  • Addressing challenges that arise along the way.

Again, welcome to Processable. We’re so glad you’re here.

Process is freedom!


P.S. Sign up to have these posts shared with you as soon as they are available! If you want to get the book, click here. Interested in a Process! Workshop for your EOS® company, connect here.

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