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Process is EVERYWHERE!

I was recently in Fort Collins, Colorado to work as an #EOSImplementer with my amazing clients. I was staying at the beautiful, boutique #Armstrong Hotel the night before the session. When I went to my room, I was met with this simple Bathroom Checklist.

I teach teams that there are two tools to help you strengthen your process component: (1) Document (capturing at a high level the major steps in a process and then packaging them) and (2) Followed By All (doing the training, measurement, management, and updating to get the results you desire). I know it seems simple, but this checklist was so effective on many levels.

This Bathroom Checklist is a great reminder that process documentation:

  • Can be short

  • This notecard was 5 x 7.

  • Can be simple

  • The language on this notecard is straightforward. They could have shared the brand of sanitizer or tissues used, they (thankfully) didn’t. Such detail is unnecessary for communicating this process.

  • Can be packaged in a way that’s easy…

  • The notecard is easy for the cleaners to use and check off

  • It would also be easy for the supervisor to manage if it’s being followed

  • The intended message was communicated to the guests

  • Can be packaged in way that’s easy to find

  • The notecard was next to the mirror in the restroom and easy to see

  • Simple graphics and checklists make it appealing to the eye

  • Clear accountability

  • The checklist identifies the individual accountable for completing the tasks: the housekeeper

  • Perhaps there is even a tracking system to ensure that the notecard is consistently updated

Simple, yet effective, right? As leaders and managers, the more we document and simplify the activities that are repeated in our business, and then get those activities followed by our teams, the more people can produce consistent results.

What are the activities that you or the people on your team should repeatedly be performing? How would you document it? How would you ultimately package it?

If you ever come across great process examples like this, send them our way! If you’d like to continue learning more about process, join us HERE to receive new blog posts and to receive our Processable newsletter–coming in January 2023!

Trust the process!


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