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In case you haven’t heard yet, some businesses are thriving; some are not. Some gained breathing room with loans; others weren’t so lucky. Remember in Q1, when we were so busy growing? When we complained that we needed more time? Time just to focus? Well, if the one thing your business has in abundance right now is time, read on.

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” -Anonymous

Recently, I was on a conference call with a group of talented advisors. They concurred that one of the most valuable investments a “stalled” business can make right now is on its infrastructure. If you are weathering the storm, what could improving your infrastructure look like? If you are an EOS company, it would align with strengthening one of the six key components of your business. For example,

  • Vision. Is your leadership team on the same page? Perhaps you could go deeper and sharpen your skills. Is there a business book that would benefit your team?

  • People. Consider interviewing recruiters for future engagements. Peruse LinkedIn or Indeed. Reach out and start courting some future employees.

  • Data. Maybe you were thinking of upgrading your CRM but held off to avoid interfering with business. Are there different activity-based numbers to focus on?

  • Issues. Are there any long-term issues that you should delve into today? Any short-term issues that need to move to the back burner?

  • Processes. If you are an EOS company, have you started documenting your hiring or sales process? What would give your team the biggest return?

  • Traction. How effective are your team meetings? Are you following the Level 10 Meeting®️ agenda?

Even if you are not an EOS company (gasp!) you can take many of these steps. This time in history will pass. Will you and your leadership team be ready for the next chapter? Breathe, sharpen the saw, and take action today!

Stay focused,


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