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your Process! journey

Have you often thought about creating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) but felt too overwhelmed or too busy to start? It's super common for successful entrepreneurs and operational leaders to feel this way.

You're not alone.

If you are a small or medium-sized business, entrepreneur or entrepreneurial leader, join us! Use these tools to:

  • train your teams on getting your processes documented and simplified
  • drive accountability to get your processes Followed By All
  • receive ongoing support to get consistent results throughout your business. 

Join Lisa Gonzalez, EOS Implementer®, Speaker, Process! Workshop facilitator, and co-author of best-selling Traction library book, Process! How Discipline and Consistency Will Set You and Your Business Free 

Join our raving fans who have overcome their resistance to process and embarked on the journey to business process improvement.  Learn our simple and practical approach outlined in our best-selling book Process! 

  • Streamline your process documentation.
  • Drive accountability for getting your processes followed by all
  • Join live monthly or quarterly accountability calls
  • Share tools and lessons with your leadership team
  • Identify and capture process-related Issues and access the tools to permanently solve them

Whether you choose to participate in an online Process! Workshop, request an in-person, private team session, join one of our curated Process! Program, or sign up for our Processable Newsletter you will be taking action with like-minded process champions.

Access the tools to get the consistent results you deserve!

Transform your business and your life!  Join us today!

Process! Success Program

For Companies Running on EOS®

A comprehensive one-year program for Visionaries or Integrators to get processes documented, simplified, and followed by all.

  • Live and Recorded Process! Course
  • Group Coaching 
  • Private Process! Community
  • Weekly coaching with Lisa Gonzalez, co-author of Process!

Jump on Lisa's calendar below and let's determine if your company is a good fit for this program.

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Private Process! 
Workshop with
Your Leadership Team

Who: Leadership Teams and Managers for companies Running on EOS® 

In this private Process! Workshop Lisa works with you, your leadership team, and managers to:

  • Document, simplify, and get your core processes followed by all
  • Document at least 1 core process
  • Create a one-year Process! Accountability Roadmap 
  • Solve process Issues
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Process! gives you the tools for documenting processes that your people will actually follow. Stop doing the work and have your business do the work for you.

—Mike  Michalowicz,
Author, Profit First and Clockwork

Enjoy a FREE copy of Chapter 1 of Process! How Discipline and Consistency Will Set You and Your Business Free
Process! Chapter 1
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Process! can help us all become more efficient and effective.  

Shawnee Starr,
President, Techwise

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