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Brian Scudamore, Founder, CEO 1-800-GOT-JUNK, WOW 1 DAY PAINTING, Shack Shine

When I launched 1-800-GOT-JUNK, I worked endless hours growing our organization. I assumed that the harder I worked, the greater success I would achieve, but it came at a cost to my work life, home life, and personal health. Entrepreneurs often think success means working themselves to the bone -- but it doesn't have to be that way. Process! captures the value of adopting the right mindset to set yourself and your business free. Once leaders realize that process creates freedom, they won't look back.  



Jessica Billingsley, Chair and CEO, Akerna


Strong processes played a crucial part in our technology company going public. Process! captures the impact that documented processes contribute to entrepreneurial companies of any size. The high-level and practical approach that they recommend allows any thriving organization to remain nimble, growth-minded, and results-oriented as their business and industry scale.


Jack Daly, CEO/Coach, Serial Entrepreneur and Amazon Best Selling Author

 I’m known world-wide in the business community for the following statement: ‘Sports teams are run better than most businesses.’ Why? Because they follow a Playbook (process) and they train/practice.  Process! not only make the case like a highly-skilled lawyer to a jury, but then provides business owners with the roadmap to follow for success in their business. Practical, powerful and applicable for every business, simply stated, follow the Process!

Don Tinney, Co-Founder, EOS Worldwide

In my 40+ years as an entrepreneur, leading, managing and growing three different businesses, I discovered that Process was the most neglected Component of the Six Key ComponentsTM of every business I encountered. That neglect kept those business teams, and their customers, from consistently getting what they wanted. That's painful to watch and experience! Process! maps out the specific mindset and tools that any business can adopt and implement to manage and strengthen this Component to produce consistent growth and consistent smiles.



Jaime Zawmon, President, Titan CEO

A great process produces great results! As a leader you learn, grow and create results. Process! is an investment in yourself as a leader and I highly recommend it to any executive or entrepreneur who wants to scale their business.

Erik Piaisio, President, American Surgical Company

As the leader of a medical device company, I’m familiar with the importance of documented processes. However, we were caught up in the minutiae. Instead of helping us take our company to the next level, our highly detailed processes and procedures were slowing us down. Additionally, some functional areas of the business weren’t documented at all. After starting on our EOS journey a few years ago and learning the principles taught in Process!, we’ve simplified our overly complex procedures so they can be followed by all employees. With easy to understand core processes in place, we’ve moved from constantly putting out fires to focusing on the future --- allowing us to grow at a rate that was unthinkable only a few years ago.

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