The Marriage of Data and Process

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Wedding ring showing the marriage of process and data.

I recently presented to a great group on the Data Component during the EOS® Strong in Six event. The Strong in Six goal is to support companies running on EOS®, including those who are self-implementing EOS®. About eight years ago, we self-implemented in our own residential remodel company and, unfortunately, made EOS® more complicated than it was intended to be. We got results but it definitely took longer than it needed to. Can you relate? To save others from the same fate, sharing these simple yet impactful tools is my passion.

The Strong in Six event supported this passion in communicating that Data and Process are a great couple. Why? Because you cannot strengthen your Process Component without the help of a strong Scorecard and Measurables. If you take a look at the Process Component, FBA Checklist tool, "Measure" is its second step. In fact, it's a crucial step for keeping your documented processes on track.

When we discuss measuring, we’re talking about Data: Scorecards and Measurables. There's magic in measuring; when done correctly; it supports leaders in getting their processes Followed By All.  Here are some examples on how you can leverage Data and Process so that it's the perfect marriage in your business:

  1. Better Decision Making. An online shop has a process in place for monitoring what customers like. Their process reminds their buyer to purchase popular and trending items more frequently. Their weekly scorecard reflects last week's customer choices, helping them stay ahead of competitors by anticipating customer needs quickly.
  2. Better Predictability. A consulting company has a process in place to receive continuous customer feedback. A weekly measurable captures their responsiveness and work quality ensuring that clients are always happy and returning.
  3. Less Reactionary. An online learning site has a process that reviews student feedback weekly. This feedback allows them to adjust any content or fix tech issues quickly. Their weekly scorecard reflects this feedback before it becomes a significant issue requiring firefighting or costing them business.

On the other hand, what happens if we ignore Process and Data? Here are just a few examples:

  1. Training Gets Harder and Costlier. Think of a retail chain where every store trains its staff differently. If they had a standard list of training for the process of folding shirts, checking inventory, or key phrases to say when ringing up a customer, every employee, at every store, would work similarly—saving both time and money. Their scorecard could track time spent or compliance in executing these actions.
  2. Operational Chaos. Imagine a budding tech startup with no clear software development lifecycle. As a result, the team has overlapping tasks and missed deadlines. They struggle with bottlenecks and product launch delays without process or a scorecard to track progress.
  3.  Clients Lose Trust. One final example is a health app company that grows quickly but skips its process to ensure quality assurance. Repeated software errors upset their users. If they combined training with a weekly scorecard that reflected customer complaints or error rates, they could maintain their client goodwill and be more proactive.  

The benefits of combining documented processes with quality data are endless. If you strive to become a process and results-driven company, data is a valuable tool in your toolbelt. See you soon!

Please share your stories if you can relate to these
costs or have experienced these benefits! 

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